How much does Mood cost?

As part of our mission to make mental health care accessible, affordability without sacrificing quality is a top priority for us. With that in mind, here’s our pricing (note that Medi-Cal patients have access to special pricing, please see below):

Psychiatry Subscription:

$45 for the first month, then $95/month, billed on the same day each month. Your subscription includes:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis*
  • Treatment planning
  • Prescription
  • Care Monitoring
  • Treatment Adjustments
  • Ongoing check-ins


*We provide therapeutic services only. We don't conduct or participate in forensic assessments, including disability claims.


Talk therapy sessions:

$39 for the first session, then $89/session, billed on the day of your session. With talk therapy, you’ll receive:

  • One on one support from home (via video) with a licensed therapist of your choosing
  • Empirically proven techniques including CBT, psychotherapy, and mindfulness, to address anxiety and depression
  • Support with other issues including but not limited to: self-esteem, stress, relationship struggles, and grief

We welcome you to consider both psychiatry and talk therapy, as many people benefit from the combination of both for anxiety and depression. If you are currently subscribed to psychiatry but are interested in talk therapy or vice versa, reach out to We’ll be glad to help get you started.


Special pricing for Medi-Cal customers:

  • $19 per month for psychiatry
  • $70 per session for talk therapy

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