How much does Mood cost?

Mood offers ongoing psychiatric care subscriptions as well as talk therapy sessions. You can sign up for one or both services. 

Psychiatric care subscriptions cost $45 for the first month and $95 for subsequent months, billed on the same day each month. Your subscription includes:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis*
  • Treatment planning
  • Prescription
  • Care Monitoring
  • Treatment Adjustments
  • Ongoing check-ins

*As part of our mission, we provide therapeutic services only. We don't conduct or participate in forensic assessments, including disability claims.


Talk therapy sessions cost $39 for the first session and $89 for subsequent sessions, billed on the day of your session. With talk therapy, you’ll receive:

  • One on one support from home (via video) with a licensed therapist of your choosing
  • Empirically proven techniques including CBT, psychotherapy, and mindfulness, to address anxiety and depression
  • Support with other issues including but not limited to: self-esteem, stress, relationship struggles, and grief


Missed appointments

  • If an appointment is missed or cancelled within 24 hours of the start of a session, a missed appointment fee is charged
  • Missed appointment fee for psychiatry is $40
  • Missed appointment for talk therapy is $70


Additional sessions

  • A monthly psychiatric session is included with the psychiatric care subscription.  If an additional session is required within 3 weeks of the included session, an additional fee is charged
  • Additional session fee is $30
  • Additional session fees do not apply to talk therapy, as talk therapy is billed for each individual session

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