What is Mood and how does it work?


Mood is mental health care done right. 


Our team at Mood has experienced the worst parts of traditional mental health care (searching endlessly for providers, incessant phone calls with insurance companies, and hundreds of dollars) and the worst parts of algorithmically driven online care (robo-therapists, pill pushers, and a one-size-fits-all approach). We knew there had to be a better way.


So we created Mood. We help people experiencing anxiety and depression get on the path to feeling better, without the pitfalls of traditional or algorithmically driven care. Our providers are real people who care about you and your goals, and you can get care from the comfort of home. 


The details:


  • We provide talk therapy, psychiatry, and medication management for depression and anxiety.


  • We offer virtual care via video with licensed providers who are passionate about mental health. Should your treatment plan include medication, we'll send your prescription to your pharmacy of choice.


  • To start, book an appointment. From there, you’ll meet with your provider via video to talk through what you’re experiencing and what your goals are. Together, you’ll come up with a treatment plan that you’re comfortable with and start right away.


  • After that, you’ll meet regularly with your provider to make sure your plan is working, and keep track of your mood through Mood Check, our mood tracker.

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